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letter 2022

We are excited for the growth that is coming, but here is the challenge:

  • This ministry is donor-supported, and 90% of our intercessors are from third world countries; so, their means to support this work is very limited.

  • The workload and cost of operations are greater than ever before. 

  • Technology is one of the major costs, including: IT support, software updates, website development, and tech subscriptions to services that are essential for the daily online traffic created by the groups. 

  • Future needs: hiring part-time technical help, acquiring software to automate the Meetings database, and programs to improve the broadcasting of messages and pre-recorded videos.

We are looking to you, our SMI and Comunionet family, to help us advance this work. Please prayerfully consider a generous end-of-the-year donation to the ministry as well as becoming a monthly financial partner. This will allow us not only to maintain but to advance in our mission to embrace our world in prayer. 

Thank you in advance for your support. 


PayPal (in u.S.  Dollars)

credit card (in u.S. Dollars)


To give via electronic bank transfer:

Email us at for details.


To give via Western Union:

Make transfers to the name of Kathleen Scataglini, Mesa, Arizona, (United States of America) and send the Tracking Number to

To give by sending a check, make checks payable to:

Scataglini Ministries, Inc.


And send it to: 


PO Box 301

Mesa, AZ 85203


To give in Argentina:

CVU: 0000007900273129855226


CUIT: 27312985522

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