Prayer Key

Here you will find this week's daily prayer guide. Our virtual prayer groups use these keys so that the entire Comunionet network prays in one accord.

We update this page every Sunday.

Prayer Key
Week 8
February 22-28


Dear leader and intercessor, be encouraged this week to plant a new group, so we can continue to multiply and embrace our world with prayer.  

Acts 12:24 (Berean Study Bible) - ...the word of God continued to spread and multiply.




We mentor: A week to plant -


We “Bible”: Numbers 3-4

Recommendations for grace to flow through reading the Bible:

Pay Attention to the Whole Bible (Part I) - May our daily reading include the Old and New Testament.


We give: The Bible says: "He who gives to the poor lends to Jehovah" (Proverbs 19:17). Seek someone in need and share food, clothing, footwear, etc. 

We invite you also to watch this video that will encourage you to have a heart like Jesus: 


We pray that every group would plant a NEW GROUP this week.


Dear Group Leader, by filling out this Report, you assure that your group remains active on the Comunionet website and accessible to visitors: 


We mentor: God is speaking to you -


We “Bible”: Numbers 5-6; Mark 4

Pay Attention to the Whole Bible (Part II) - Let's not just read the verses that have been a blessing to us or just the New Testament.


We give: This network is making a difference in the nations, as we are embracing the world in prayer, and the message of the gospel is being spread. To donate, go to 


We pray for those affected by the severe winter storms in the U.S., especially in Texas (many in need of electricity, heat, even water, etc).




We mentor: How to share the gospel (review) - 



We “Bible”: Numbers 7-8

Pay Attention to the Whole Bible (Part III) - Having a reading plan will help you read the entire Bible.


We give with gratitude for the extension of the Kingdom of Heaven, since everything comes from God and we give from what we’ve received from His hand. To donate, go to 


We pray for the young prodigals to be saved.



We mentor: Amazing community (review) - 



We “Bible”: Numbers 9-11

Pay Attention to the Whole Bible (Part IV) - Constant reading of the Bible helps us to understand God's message for humanity.


We give: Giving is a material investment in the Kingdom of God that will be greatly rewarded in eternity. To donate, go to 


We pray for each others’ needs [one intercessor briefly prays for the need of a second intercessor and that one for the next, and so forth].




We mentor: Your mission (review) - 



We “Bible”: Numbers 12-14; Mark 5

Pay Attention to the Whole Bible (Part V) - Reading God's Word completely will help us to interpret it correctly.


We give: When we donate, we help to disciple nations and fulfill the Great Commission. To donate, go to 


We pray for the nation of Benin to be saved and discipled

(located in Africa, 48.5% of the population is Christian, with 25.5% being Roman Catholic).


Facebook/Youtube United Meetings: Sundays: 2pm Central (5pm Argentina, 3pm Eastern USA, 9pm Spain, Next day at 9am - New Zealand). You can see the meeting through these links: or 


We mentor: The hardest ministry on earth? -


We “Bible”: Numbers 15-16; Mark 6

Pay Attention to the Whole Bible (Part VI) - Reading the entire Bible allows us to learn the fundamental teachings to be good disciples.


We give: God has promised to rebuke the devourer and open the windows of heaven upon us while we give for the extension of His Kingdom. To donate, go to 


We pray for one another’s financial provision and prosperity.


Tomorrow: UNITED MEETING - The Main Pursuit in Life - at 2pm Central - or



We mentor: Volunteers (review) - 



We “Bible”: Numbers 17-19 

Thank God we have tools that help us read ALL of the Bible. And in Comunionet we help you to do it:

1 Using the following link: 

2. Using the following plan through the YouVersion app:


We give because it is better to give than to receive, and because in life it is better to be a fountain than a pond. To donate, go to 


We pray, thanking God for the multiplication of prayer groups until we embrace the world in prayer (if you have a Bible verse or a song to praise the Lord, share it briefly).




This teaching of Jesus provides a purpose, direction and certainty as we make life’s decisions. 


Matthew 6:31-33

New Living Translation

So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers [secularists, materialists, universalists, self-sufficient], but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

First of all, we pursue God’s government and live according to God’s right principles [holiness, honesty, good work ethics, fairness, truthfulness, and integrity]. Then, whatever we own or earn, we receive it as a direct result of living under God’s governance and principles.  We give glory to God, not to ourselves; this is a difference between a Christian and a pagan.

This attitude makes us honor God as our provider and keeps us humble and grateful. The main pursuit of our life is not survival (food, drink, and clothing), but God’s Kingdom. Then God, as we live in obedience and trust, provides everything we need. 

When we pursue first the Kingdom of God we learn to: 

  • repent 

  • leave worry behind

  • live with gratitude and contentment

  • depend on God alone

  • change from a mindset of doubt to faith 

APPLICATION: From now on, before any important decision, we will first consider God’s government over us and act in obedience to His principles.