Prayer Key
Week 33
August 10-16

Communion (3rd Saturday of each month)

For the Supervision meetings: “A word to all group leaders (review)” - 



TESTIMONY: “Just as we asked God, the specialist did not find any cirrhosis of the liver. This sickness was nailed to the cross!” (Leader Lily Lopez).


We pray for the restoration of Beirut from the devastating explosion. 

We read Psalm 81-83

We give:

We mentor: “Beirut needs our prayers” -



TESTIMONY: “We prayed for Daniel so he would be able to expel a kidney stone without surgery. God did it” (Leader Doralba Morales).


We pray that our President would have a powerful encounter with God.  

We read Psalm 84-86; Romans 12

We give:

We train: “Praying for our President” -



We pray and declare that all your relatives will be saved! 

We read Psalm 87-88; Romans 13 

We give:

We train: “A great party! Let’s fill the house!” (review) - 



TESTIMONY: “A 1-year old and her parents were all diagnosed with Covid; all three are doing fine and almost fully recovered” (Group of Janice Fontenot). 


We pray that each prayer group would plant a new group this month.   

We read Psalm 89-90; Romans 14 

We give:

We train: “How to start a new group” (review) - 


Prepare bread and juice for Communion tomorrow


We pray wisdom for government and families in the process of reopening schools. 

We read Psalm 91-93; Romans 15 

We give:

We train: “That our government would understand this” (review) - 





We pray for the United States and the upcoming presidential elections.

We read Psalms 94-96

We give:

We train: “For future politicians” (review) - 



We pray: Share a testimony and a prayer of gratitude.

We read Psalms 97-99; Romans 16  

We give:

We train: “Your inheritance” (review) -