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Create Skype Group and Copy Link (Android)

Download and install Skype.
Tap on the pencil icon (bottom right).

1 AD.SK.png

Tap New Group Chat.

2 AD.SK.png

Name your group chat and tap on the blue arrow.

3 AD.SK.png

Tap the names of the people you want to invite to the group and tap Done.

4 AD.SK.png

Tap Invite More People.

5 AD.SK.png

Tap Share link to join group.

6 AD.SK.png

Enable share group via link button.

7 AD.SK.png

Tap Copy to clipboard

8 AD.SK.png

Paste the link somewhere you can find it later (we recommend using your Notes app).

9 AD.SK.png

Now that you have successfully created a Skype Group, your final step to complete this process is to fill out the Register Your Group form.


Help us keep the Comunionent site accurate by double checking that your changes are displayed correctly on the Comunionet calendar (changes should reflect on the calendar in a week).

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